Apple Unibody White MacBook Keyboard Key Replacement

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Product Description

Apple Unibody White MacBook Keyboard Key Replacement

Original Apple Keyboard keycap and hinge clips - compatible with Apple Unibody White MacBook, do note there are 2 versions of the plastic hinge clip version AC01 and AC05 so compare the versions and choose accordingly.

Each Key Purchase Includes:

1 x Original Keycap
1 x Original Plastic Clip
1 x Free Video Installation Guide

Supported Model:

Model Number: A2338
Model Year: 2020
Keyboard Layout: QWERTY and Others

  • 100% Original - High Quality Apple Parts
  • Brand New - Inspected Before Shipping
  • Easy to Install - Free Video Installation Guide
  • 365 Day Warranty
  • 90 Day Stress Free Exchange
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

Keyboard Layout: The most popular and default version of the keyboard layout is the QWERTY (shown). If you require an International layout of the keyboard then please choose that option, for most of the key the letter and number is pretty much the same its only when you choose the larger keys like return or shift keys the keys vary.